Structural Timber Panels

We make timber frame panels for your house or outbuilding and provide all structural calculations to satisfy Building Control requirements.


Our timber frames can be made using 140mm construction grade timber to suit your requirements.  All orders are supplied with all the fixtures and fittings needed to erect the house to the Structural Engineering provided - and of course many instructions to help you construct it.


External Walls

The panel is generally made as an Open Frame a frame which has OSB/3 (structural oriented strand board) to one side.  We use C16 timber (construction grade) for all walls in your building. The OSB/3 board is covered with high performance breather membrane with excess to one edge to overlap onto the next frame and ensure weather tight finish.  To assist with tying the frame to your external leaf (blockwork, carrier board, cladding - whatever you have chosen), we mark all vertical struts of the frame by stapling a black tape line to the breather membrane.  Each panel is clearly marked to identify its position in the house.


Internal Walls

Structural internal walls are built using 140 0r 89mm x 38mm CLS timber and 9mm OSB/3 to one face; non structural walls are built using the same size and specification timbers but without OSB (unless they are needed as racking walls).

Panel Options

The panels can be supplied open or insulated with or without the vapour barrier and tape; with or without service void battens ...... whatever will assist you you in the creation of your new building.




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