If you can dream it - we can design & build it
If you can dream it - we can design & build it

Design & Planning

Spend time designing your perfect home -  keep going until it is definitely what you want.  Time spent planning will reap many rewards, particularly financial ones if you keep to the plan.  Click through to this section for many words about the topic.



Dont take it for granted that all the services you will ever need are just outside your plot.  Do not believe estate agents and the seller.  Find out for yourself.  

Before Breaking Ground

Get the right insurance - you never know when you might need its protection.  All things that cost money and never (hopefully) get used in anger on the Insurance & Warranty click.


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Open Invitation

We are delighted to welcome you to our offices to enjoy a cuppa whilst we discuss your aspirations -don't forget the biscuits!

Wilf & Flora (our dogs) will likely be here too - so if you don't like dogs, let us know and they can stay home.

Factory & Office hours

Monday - Friday 8.30-5pm

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