Barn Conversion - Near Callington

Conversions aren't just for stick build or traditional construction, a timber frame works incredibly well with a barn conversion.  This barn conversion is set in beautiful surroundings and will be a massive two storey home.  We are lucky enough to have an invite back once the build is complete, hopefully then adding some amazing photos.  Update 31 January 2020.  The finish line is now well in sight.  The barn is looking magnificant and there are a few photos of the near-finished product to show that dreams really can be reality.


Barn Conversion - Modbury

This sums up why I really love what we do.  Take the skeleton of a barn in the rolling hills of Devon and convert it into a majestic home. That's the plan.


We will build panels to sit between the steels (which are remaining from the original hay barn). The steels will be "padded out" with timber to take the panels and to make the skeleton structure the backbone of the house. This will be a huge two storey home with panoramic views across Devon.  Our team start here on 28 October 2019 just as soon as the groundworks are finished.  Let's see how it is transformed.


The weather was appalling during this build and our anticipated Christmas finish has run over slightly.  The barn is looking very handsome and the team are returning next week (January 2020) to clad the exterior.  


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