If you can dream it - we can design & build it
If you can dream it - we can design & build it

New Home South East Cornwall

A new home staying in Cornwall.  This one is only a short drive from where it was made. 


Panels were made in the factory and finished Wednesday 16 October 2019.  Our delivery hiab was booked for 9am, promptly loaded and drove the short journey to Tideford.  Despite the large site the lorry couldn't turn in the narrow Cornish lane so the panels were offloaded with the onboard crane.  Neatly stacked on the slab our erection team got to work.  In just a few short hours on the first day we had 11 panels up.  The soleplates went down first, checks made to ensure everything 100% level and off they went.  All in a days work! 


To give you an idea of time - the schedule for this build is 8 days.  It would normally be less but the clients were super accommodating and brought the build date forward as another client had groundworks delays and we had to rearrange schedules.  The quick shift meant our roof trusses won't be here until next week - normally it is all timed to perfection but sometimes you have to just let it be what it is.  

Carbis Bay New Home

A brand new home in Carbis Bay.  It left our factory today 10 April 2019 and our team are on site to make the dream a reality.  Day 2 and the walls are going up, the weather is being kind. Second floor and steels are due on site next week.  Quick update early May, almost finished at Carbis, there were a few changes - adding a second balcony (and who wouldn't with the views this house has) and moving a structural steel - nothing impossible for our team but it meant we were there a little longer than originally planned.  The roof is all hand cut and is almost too beautiful to slate! My favourite house so far.


We are hoping to get some finished shots of this house very soon as it really is a stunner.  The only downside to our job is that we rarely see the finished product but our lovely clients do like to send us their snaps when they are finally in. 


Holiday Cottage New Build

Our timber frame helped create a charming holiday cottage on the edge of Bodmin Moor.  Made in Cornwall. 


Little Crifts Cottage, Altarnun

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