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If you can dream it - we can design & build it

Covid 19 and Us

Our factory is quite special.  We are in the countryside, with no neighbours and it is lovely looking out the window over the woods and seeing a blue sky and a greenish haze amongst the branches as we look forward to a gorgeous Spring.  It is never really noisy here - but it is very quiet today.  There's only me in the office finalising our plans for the foreseeable future.


We are pleased to say that everyone who works for us is fit and well but, unfortunately, from Monday 30 March most of our chaps will be on furlough as it is not possible for us to acquire the supplies we need to erect our clients' houses.  As soon as our steel and truss orders can be fulfilled the team will be back; refreshed and excited to be part of your dream to create a wonderful new home.


In the factory, before just about everything closed, our suppliers were able to top us up with the timber and materials necessary to manufacture frames, so we shall have a skeleton staff of two doing just this from Monday.  This will mean, we hope, that our schedule need not slip too far and we can get back on track once life becomes more normal (not that anyone here is "normal", you understand).  Please note: the two chaps do completely different tasks at opposite sides of the factory; and they wear masks as PPE during the usual course of work as well. 


Marsha is working from a comfortable corner at home completing the design and manufacturing drawings for the chaps in the factory and I will be in the office stuck with doing the year end and hoping lots of people call or email to discuss their new home dream so I don't have to keep looking at all those numbers!


So, we are sort of open, albeit for virtual business only.  Design, planning drawings, general conversations about dreams and such can continue over email and phone just like they do in usual circumstance.  But once the factory is so full of "house" that we can't fit any more in, we shall have to put the last chaps on furlough and I shall relocate to my home office.


For now, all we can do is act the way we have been asked to and smile at the beauty of the Spring awakening around us.


Stay safe - and be as positive as you can.






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Covid 19 & Us

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